Laura Jones on Being a Big Cog in a Small Machine

Laura Jones aka FloJo Services Meet Laura Jones – a microbusiness owner who’s still in her first year of business. After working as an Editorial and Marketing Assistant at Glasgow-based independent publisher Saraband, she made the jump to set up her own business. As you’ll know if you’ve been reading our blog for some time, […]

Katherine Trebeck Summarises Small is Beautiful 2015

For the final talk at Small is Beautiful 2015, Katherine Trebeck wrapped up the conference by looking at the bigger picture of “small” for microbusinesses and beyond. She summarised the topics of the day, then encouraged delegates to zoom out and look at the problems of the system at large and how we can pioneer […]

Sarah Thelwall’s Creative Business Lessons From The Levant

Sarah Thelwall describes herself as a sailor, strategist and maker of mischief. She makes the topics of financial management, business processes and marketing interesting and accessible to microbusinesses internationally – and that’s exactly what she joined us to discuss on Day 2 of Small is Beautiful 2015. Sarah came armed with 6 (creative business) Learnings […]