Small is Beautiful Pecha Kucha


Small is Beautiful is hosting its very own Pecha Kucha event in Glasgow!

Join us at The Whisky Bond on Thursday 4th December for a special evening of artists and creatives from all disciplines for an imaginative, lively, provocative and informative evening on Practice, Money, Art.

Tickets are only £6/4 (conc.) and are available on our Eventbrite page.

Our speakers are:

  • Steve Lawson, musician

  • Cassie Robinson, producer and designer

  • Deirdre Nelson, textile artist

  • Keith Charters, Strident Publishing

  • Harry Giles, poet

  • Laura Eaton Lewis, cultural activist, producer, performance artist

  • Robb Mcrae (aka Andy Summers), photographer

  • Dalziel & Scullion, visual artists

  • Arabella Page Croft, film producer

If you're new to Pecha Kucha, it is a simple idea: each speaker presents 20 images for 20 seconds each, making talks that last just under 7 minutes. The event has gone viral with a huge online following and events in over 700 cities worldwide. It's a format that keeps things concise and moving at a rapid pace. Click here for more info on Petcha Kutcha.

The event is being hosted and supported by The Whisky Bond. TWB is a creative factory for Glasgow and and has become a hive of creativity and productivity across seven floors of studios, offices co-working and social spaces.

This event is produced by TAKTAL, an agency that produces creative projects and connects people with spaces. With roots in architecture, events and space management, the agency collaborate with artists, cultural organisations, property owners and national agencies, to initiate the creative use of space.

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