Tony Robinson OBE

Tony Robinson OBE

Tony has been starting and running enterprises, with his business partners, for nearly 30 years. He has devoted much of his time over the last 20 years to founding and advising organisations that can positively influence the survival rate of new, micro (0-9 employees) enterprises in the UK and overseas. He says "I'm very old so I've spotted a few startlingly obvious things over the years, that many policy makers fail to spot. These include; we are into a micro enterprise revolution as every year more people throughout the world run their own enterprise. Every business owner is different so every enterprise is unique. It is really tough to make ends meet in your own business but there's no better way to earn a living. There are some proven, common sense enterprise essentials that increase the chances of surviving and thriving today and in the next five years. I'll spill the beans on all I know."

What makes enterprise rock?


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