Frequently asked questions about the Small is Beautiful conference.

Is the conference for me?

Are you a freelancer? Are you a soletrader? Are you an artist or a maker? Are you new to working for yourself? Do you run an organization, any organization, that has under 10 people working in it? Or do you work in an organization that has under 10 people working in it? Do you care as much about your mission and activity, the people around you and the community and planet you live, in as you do about the bottom line? Do you want to work for yourself?

Do you want to be part of a growing group of people who are creating more meaningful work for themselves by working small but aspiring big?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then this conference is for you.

Does small mean small amounts of money? Small impact? Small ambition?

No! No! No! Small might be a one-person venture (a freelancer, an artist, a publisher or a therapist) but small doesn't mean small in terms of aspiration, quality, reach, talent, creativity, impact, ambition, or even money (the EU definition of a micro is up to €2m turnover – that is not small!). Just that the approach to growth is more than just the bottom line and job creation. It is about the high quality of your work, and your relationships; your collaborations and global influence and a low impact on the planet.

What will I get at the conference?

For the price of your ticket you will:

  • be able to listen to talks by some of the world's leading practitioners, entrepreneurs and coaches who will share deep insights about small organizations, people and planet
  • get up to speed with new practices and processes to help you through the next year of your work/business
  • take part in a facilitated World Café process that will embed that learning for your own specific practice
  • enjoy lunch, dinner, breakfast and lots and lots of cake from a fabulous local caterer
  • have access to a brilliant party at a local venue
  • access a new network of likeminded people to broaden your learning and connections
  • take away a goodie bag

What will be different about this conference?

We have designed the experience of the conference around the 99U model – inspiring and practical speakers, time to work with other delegates, opportunities to meet new people. This is Feel-Good CPD. We know that small organizations and especially entrepreneurs and freelancers don't often invest in themselves. This is a relatively cheap way to invest in your own practice as a micro entrepreneur – learning from others and from peers, while having a really enjoyable time in the fabulous city of Edinburgh.

Who else will be there?

We are attracting a mix of people from the creative sector: makers, designers, artists, producers, filmmakers, photographers; and well-being practitioners: masseuses, therapists, coaches; digital folk of all kinds, from those setting up businesses as virtual assistants, to web designers, coders and app developers as well as those from food, drink and tourism microbusinesses. There will be all kinds of other types of practice included in there – our lovely suppliers (technical, food, hotels), us (marketing, designers, techies, project managers) and many of our supporters! And of course just about all of our speakers!

What will I learn?

Our team consists of people who have travelled the world to go to conferences that will help us be better at what we do. We know that these kinds of events can teach all kinds of things that are find to pick up in a blog, but very different when you hear real people in real time giving you information that is especially tailored to this event. Our speakers will be covering a range of topics, from how to make the most of all of your skills in your business, how to use digital well to manage your business efficiently, creative and with low carbon impact; how to make money while having integrity in your mission; how do I aspire to be small but aspire greatly. At the same time you will meet people and learn from people from completely different sectors who are craving the same sense of doing things brilliantly and meaningfully, with connection to family, community and the world. We hope that the investment will be worth every penny and more, and help you have the professional nourishment to see you through a year – until you come back for more next time!

Come to the Small is Beautiful Conference in June 2016

Be part of a growing movement who are committed to small, and to people and planet.

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