Rob Walling, Solo Entrepreneur on Failure, Shipping, and Working Alone

Rob’s talk focused on failure, shipping, and working alone: his essential rules for micro-magnificence. Rob is a solo entrepreneur who no longer works with clients, but earns all of his income independently. However he reassured our delegates that we have a lot more in common than one might think – in creating software, books and conferences, […]

Karine Polwart, Musician on Amplifying Your Art

Musician Karine Polwart gave a stunning and lyrical keynote at Small is Beautiful – one which is difficult to summarise. Nevertheless, here are some key points. On Scale & Self-Governance – Karine opened with a story about the bird kingdom: Who will be the King? The story raises issues around scale, and of how we govern ourselves. […]

Rohan Gunatillake, 21 Awake on Staying Small

Rohan’s contribution to Small is Beautiful was a talk about the business side of things: a self-vivisection of his business, 21 Awake. 21 Awake solves mindfulness problems, helping you to bring more calm and insight into your life. Rohan asked himself: How do you create products that you can scale, but maintain integrity in your […]