Lucy Simpson on Aboriginal Storytelling & Design

“Story has the power to connect. To teach, transcend place and time, to empower, to shift perceptions and make a difference.” Lucy Simpson joined us from Australia where she practices graphics and design for local indigenous community organisations. She spoke beautifully about the role of storytelling and design in her own creative growth and practice. […]

Fi Scott on Running a Small Business

Fi Scott joined us at Small is Beautiful 2015 to tell the story of her small business – Make Works – so far. She shared insights on creating business model that straddles start-up culture and creative industry, issues with funding, and on how being small can have the biggest possible impact. Learn more about Fi Scott […]

James Greig on Writing

Graphic designer, writer and self-proclaimed bike enthusiast James Greig joined us on Day 2 of Small is Beautiful 2015 to talk about why writing is important for microbusiness owners and creatives – even if no-one is reading your work yet. Small is Beautiful producer Roanne was inspired by the openness and honesty of James’ blog […]