Our Favourite UK Microbusiness Podcasts

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In sharing our knowledge and favourite resources on this blog, we've often pointed to podcasts. The podcast world is bursting with friendly advice on business, life, and the work-life mix for and by creative microbusiness owners and entrepreneurs.

When you own your own creative microbusiness or work on your own as a freelancer, it can be easy to fall into the isolation trap.
At Small is Beautiful, we're particular fans of podcasts because they can feel like mentorships and water cooler chats all rolled into one.

Today, let's talk about some of our favourite podcasts for creative microbusinesses! This time we've selected 3 of our favourites which are based in the UK.


The Freelancer's Teabreak

The Freelancer's Teabreak is exactly what you'd expect from the title – a short, simple podcast with interviews, tips, and answers to listener questions. It's hosted by Emma Cossey, author of The Freelance Lifestyle blog (which we also love!).

At 3–6 minute episodes are super snappy and helpful and, as Emma suggests, perfect to listen to while you're waiting for the kettle to boil.

Find the whole feed here or subscribe via iTunes.



Cortex is a classic "two dudes talking" podcast format with CGP Grey and Myke Hurley. Both men work as independent content creators online. In each episode, they discuss the methods and tools they employ to be productive and creative.

If you'er fanatic about business processes, productivity, and finding the best fit-for-purpose apps, you'll love this one. They also share occasional book reviews and answer listener questions which you can tweet to them using #AskCortex.

Read more about Cortex here, and subscribe via iTunes here.


The UK Business Startup Podcast

UK Business Startup
The UK Business Startup Podcast is hosted by Colin Grey and it helps people to start their own business ventures. That means everything from a freelancing side-hustle to a larger business with full-time staff and premises – and everything in-between.

The podcast is still in its first season and it's currently providing an introduction to planning, starting, and growing your business – so it's a great place to learn the business basics or to revisit some tenets of starting a business. Later, in season two, where the podcast will move on to cover these topics in-depth.

Early episode topics have included how to create a business plan, choosing a structure and managing finances, marketing, and workload management.

You can check out the UK Business Startup Podcast website here.


Your Turn

Do you listen to business-related podcasts? What do you get from them? Which are your favourites?

Share yours in comments or tweet us @smallisb!



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