Investing in Your Microbusiness

Microbusiness might sound small, but working lean is a fantastic way to get farther, quicker, avoid bureaucratic slovenliness. Not to mention the freedom to do things the way you want!

Whether you're bootstrapping or have a little investment behind you, chances are you're running a streamlined enterprise and keeping your overheads low.

And guess what? There's no better time to innovate.

But are you investing everything that you can into your business? Are you cutting corners to keep overheads low in areas thy might actually improve your business processes, work flow, or client retention?

Don't feel guilty about investing a little money into the areas that matter.

Is business slow? Maybe it's time to spruce up your website to capture the would-be clients who are out off by some sloppy navigation. Maybe you need to put some more time into your newsletter. Or perhaps it's time to pony up for a new microphone or camera to make your audio-visual content really shine.

If you're holing back on going "all in" on your big ideas, here's more helpful information and inspriation from Natalie McNeil at She Takes on The World!


What could you improve with a little time or cash injection? Have you been holding back on investing in your business?

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